Jeanne ReedGauge, metric dial (millimeters)

Jeanne ReedGauge, metric dial (millimeters)

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Product Description

The first step in getting reeds to perform consistently is to make them consistently. Two of the most important measurements in a successful reed are the side to side symmetry, or balance, in the reed vamp, and the relationship of the center dimension to that at the sides. The Jeanne ReedGauge is an accurate, easy way to check these crucial points. Whether you use commercial or hand-made reeds, the balance in the reed vamp will determine much of your tone color and response.

A movable table on the Jeanne ReedGauge, where the reed is placed, is easily locked into place at any position along the reed vamp. The reed can then be measured at any point across the curve by simply sliding the reed from one side to the other under the point of the micrometer. Although no two reeds will - or should - measure the exact same dimension due to differing cell structures, measurements will fall into a "normal" range. After a quick knife adjustment, the reed measurement can be rechecked at precisely the same point.

The Jeanne ReedGauge is made with a heavy, solid aluminum base for maximum stability, allowing you to freely move the adjustable table or the reed. Mitutoyo dial indicators, recognized for their high quality and precision, are installed with the Jeanne ReedGauge. Reed measurements can be made in .01mm graduations. (Note: The Jeanne ReedGauge with a standard [inches] dial is no longer available.)

Interchangeable sliding plates that hold the reeds are available for clarinet, alto saxophone/alto clarinet, and tenor saxophone/bass clarinet.

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Click here for guide: Jeanne ReedGauge Usage and Maintenance
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