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Stephenson: Quotation Etudes for Flute

Stephenson: Quotation Etudes for Flute

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In his Quotation Etudes for flute, Robert Stephenson pays homage to 68 composers whose works span a period of five centuries.

Stephenson writes, "Picking a 'favorite composer' is a most difficult task. Musical inspiration can go back as far as notes have been written, but one thing all great composers possess is a 'voice' of their own. While an etude may contain a short, musical quote from a particular composition, the primary goal of the project is to capture the style, voice, and personality that defines each of the 68 composers. The musical ingenuity of these composers encompasses the period from the Renaissance to the end of the 20th century. The notation used is a 21st century vocabulary striving to be faithful to original performance practices and to the essence of each chosen composer."

The Table of Contents, listing all 68 composers whose styles are found in this set of etudes, is shown in the examples above. The etude book is 144 pages long and contains a variety of technical and interpretive demands. A wide range of both major and minor key signatures are used. These etudes are an excellent study of musical styles and a 'must' for every serious student of music.

There are three specially edited editions: 1) oboe-clarinet-saxophone, 2) flute, and 3) bassoon.
The edition listed on this web page is for flute.

The following sound samples feature oboe as the solo instrument. Although the music is similar in the flute edition, there may be differences between the oboe sound sample and the flute excerpts displayed above.

Audio samples from Stephenson: Quotation Etudes (oboe version)

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