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Barret (Anderson): Oboe Method, Part 1 (bass clef harmonization)

Barret (Anderson): Oboe Method, Part 1 (bass clef harmonization)

Code: JP7052
Grade: 6-7
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.
ISMN: 979-0-3019-0012-3

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Product Description

Barret's Complete Method for Oboe was first published in 1850. The method has survived so many years because it is written with a sound pedagogical foundation. The current edition, edited by Valarie Anderson, has corrected obvious note and articulation errors. Some missing dynamics and articulations have been added, but in so doing, striving to maintain the intent of the composer.

Part 1 contains the Scales Studies, Various Scales for the Study of Articulation, 12 Advanced Articulation Studies, and the 40 Melodies. The Sonatas and Grand Studies from the Complete Method are not included in Part 1. Since many students, after completing the 40 Progressive Melodies, are not yet ready for studying the Grand Studies, we feel that this edition is most suitable for the majority of oboe students. It contains all of the necessary materials with less bulk. The book has 107 pages bound with a coil to allow the pages to lie flat.

A special feature in this new edition of the first part of the Barret Oboe Method is Valarie Anderson's detailed suggestions on “how to practice” these important studies. These ideas are based on the teaching of Marcel Tabuteau and John Mack.

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