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Aronis: Chaconne for Alto Saxophone, Violin and Piano

Aronis: Chaconne for Alto Saxophone, Violin and Piano

Code: JP4037
Grade: 7-8
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.
ISMN: 979-0-3019-0176-2

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Product Description

This music is a contemporary interpretation of the chaconne, employing as it does, a series of fifteenth chords. In some episodes, the individual triads, making up the fifteenth chords, are interchangeable. There are two development sections (first fast, then slow) using a secondary theme made of fragments of the main chaconne theme.

The music makes effective use of the instrument colors. It is a welcome addition to this genre where there is little repertoire. Duration: approximately 8 minutes.

Audio sample from Aronis: Chaconne

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