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Aragon: Bassoon Sonata

Aragon: Bassoon Sonata

Code: JP3025
Grade: 8
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.
ISMN: 979-0-3019-0135-9

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This is a 3-movement work for bassoon and piano. The first movement, Vivace, explores the bombastic nature of the piano and features the impressive agility of the bassoon, with it’s ability to play quick, crisp articulations and leap effortlessly across wide intervals. The second movement, Berceuse, is a soothing, lyrical lullaby that shows off the silky beauty of the bassoon. Shades of steel grey and pale turquoise dominate this movement. This movement came as a sort of epiphany one day, and was composed in one sitting. The third movement, Finale, is a humorous scherzo. The piano opens up the movement, rather unsure what time signature it wants to be in. Rather impatiently, the bassoon interrupts and takes off on a flight of notes, with the piano struggling to keep up. Throughout the entire movement, both the bassoon and piano try to outdo each other. Once it is cear that both instruments are not in a fight but working together, the piece evaporates in wisps of lime green, fire red, and bright orange, ending on a single golden G. Total duration: approx. 17 minutes

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