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Fine: More Greek Myths

Fine: More Greek Myths

Code: JP3012
Grade: 7-8
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.

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Product Description

More Greek Myths is a 'sequel' to at set of Four Greek Myths that the composer wrote for contrabassoon and piano in 2004. This set was written in 2007 at the request of Susan Nigro.

Constructed in a five-movement arc, the opening movement, a study in the character of Apollo, is followed by a study of Artemis, Apollo's twin sister, the virgin huntress. In the center of the set is a musical illustration of the Labors of Heracles. Heracles is the only mortal in this group of mythological characters, and while the immortal gods are allowed to feast on and romp in music that is tonal, Heracles is forced to labor in the repeating rows of the 12-tone system. After Heracles is finished with his labors, it's time to return to Mount Olympus to find Aphrodite emerging out of sea foam (who says the contrabassoon can't be both feminine and sexy), and all the gods join Dionysus in a wild celebration.

Total duration approximately 10 minutes.

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