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Xiang: Four Chinese Pieces for Clarinet and Piano

Xiang: Four Chinese Pieces for Clarinet and Piano

Code: JP2140
Grade: 6-7
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.
ISMN: 979-0-3019-0393-3

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Product Description

Zheng Long XIANG was born in 1937 in China. He was clarinet professor at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, China, for 50 years and has collaborated with various composers in a series of compositions for the clarinet that are strongly enriched by the ethnic music characteristics of various nationalities of China.

There are four movements in this collection:
  • GuiShan Festival: The music depicts the joyous atmosphere when the Sani people of Shilin in Yunnan Province, China, celebrate the GuiShan Festival.

  • Along the RuiLi River Shore: The Dai people, on the way home after a day of work, sing a beautiful folk song and join in a joyous dance.

  • Music Heard through the Mist of Dawn: The music portrays dawn, surrounded by the morning mist, and an old man sitting under a tree playing the “Za Bie”.

  • LiSu Dance: The music depicts the mesmerizing atmosphere of a small group that has started the dance. The music leads to more and more people joining in to participate in this joyous gathering.

The music is tonal with moderately difficult technical demands. Duration: approximately 19 minutes (Mvt 1: 7:00; Mvt. 2 6:30; Mvt. 3 3:00; Mvt. 4 2:30)

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