Jeanne E-flat Clarinet peg

Jeanne E-flat Clarinet peg

Code: JA11

PRICE: $26.75

Temporarily unavailable.

Product Description

This product is temporarily only available in the 3-peg clarinet stand set (JA-CL3)

Jeanne molded rubber peg for E-flat clarinet. (Note: Base is a separate purchase.) The 3 sample pictures shown above are the E-flat clarinet peg (JA110), both a single clarinet peg (JA10) and an E-flat clarinet peg (JA11) on a Jeanne steel base (JA01), and 2 clarinet pegs plus an E-flat clarinet peg with extension on a large Jeanne steel base (JA02).

For a more detailed description of the Jeanne instrument stand design and construction, click here

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