Joseph Wytko: Passions Large & Small (saxophone)

Joseph Wytko: Passions Large & Small (saxophone)

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Publisher: ACA Digital Recording

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This new recording by saxophonist, Joseph Wytko, includes the third movement, Psalm, from the larger "Sonata for Saxophone, Percussion and Piano" (1985). Other works on the album include recent works by William Albright and Mikel Kuehn and two traditional standards from the saxophone repertoire of Desenclos and Ibert. Wytko is joined by Walter Cosand, piano, and Elizabeth Buck, flute.

Tracks include:
  • Alfred Desenclos: Prelude, cadence et finale (1956)
  • Brent Weaver: Psalm (1985)
  • William Albright: Sonata (1990)
  • Mikel Kuehn: Crack for Flute, Alto Saxophone and Electroacoustic Accompaniment (2001)
  • Jacques Ibert: Concertino da Camera (1935)

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