Immanuel Davis: Prevailing Winds (Flute)

Immanuel Davis: Prevailing Winds (Flute)

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Music for flute and piano featuring Immanuel Davis, flute, and Stephen Gosling, piano. Music on the CD includes:
  • Carl Vine: Sonata (1992)
  • Alfredo Casella: Sicilienne et Burlesque, op. 23 (1914)
  • M. Carmago Guarnieri: Sonatine (1947)
  • Ronn Yedidia: Arabesque (1983)
  • Ronn Yedidia: Lullaby for alto flute (1994)
  • Albert Roussel: Andante et Scherzo, op. 51 (1934)
  • Kent Kennan: Night Soliloquy (1936)