Rousseau: Brahms Sonatas and Trio

Rousseau: Brahms Sonatas and Trio

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Publisher: Jeanne Inc.

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In stock, available for immediate delivery

Product Description

This CD contains Brahms' Sonatas Nos. 1-2, op. 120, and his Trio, op. 114. But instead of the clarinet, Eugene Rousseau performs the wind instrument part on saxophone. Rousseau argues for the use of the saxophone as an honorable alternative. Brahms, he says, utilized a wonderfully rich harmonic palette, and his scores were often woven thickly. Thus, his romantic language is aptly suited for saxophone. Rousseau adds that the compositions pose huge challenges for the saxophonist. To play softly in the low register and to extend the range above normal, he says, is significantly difficult but well worth the effort, considering the glory of the music. Assisting Rousseau are Jaromir Klepac, piano, and Michal Kanka, cello.

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