Jeanne-M English Horn Shaper Tip

Jeanne-M English Horn Shaper Tip

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Product Description

The Jeanne M tip for English horn is modeled after the shaper used by Marcel Tabuteau that was in the possession of John Mack. We made this tip at the request of Mr. Mack. A little wider that our Standard tip, the Jeanne-M produces a deep, rich sound yet still manages to perform well in the upper registers.

Jeanne English horn shaper chart
Distance from tip 5mm 14mm 23mm 32mm 41mm 50mm
Jeanne standard 8.32 7.87 7.45 6.35 4.73 3.40
Jeanne-M 8.33 8.04 7.46 6.56 5.13 4.53

We publish these samplings of Jeanne shaper tip dimensions in response to requests from some of our customers, but with the following caveat: Comparisons of the relative widths of shaper tips are not necessarily predictive of how reeds made from them will perform. The performance characteristics of a shaper tip result from complex interactions of the many dimensions, amd these interactions must be taken into account when designing the tip.

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