Joseph Wytko Saxophone Quartet: Waterworks & Firemusic

Joseph Wytko Saxophone Quartet: Waterworks & Firemusic

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Publisher: TimeGrabber Digital Recordings

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Product Description

This CD presents the Joseph Wytko Saxophone Quartet in a variety of "lighter" musical styles. Tracks include:
  • Gershwin: Prelude No. 1
  • Gershwin: Prelude No. 3
  • Gershwin: Nice Work
  • Gershwin: Rialto Ripples
  • Gershwin: Liza
  • Nestico: The Demure
  • Nestico: The Delightful
  • Singelee: Quatuor, op. 53
  • Iatauro: Waterworks & Firemusic
  • Foster: Camptown Races
  • Foster: Swanee River
  • Joplin: Easy Winners
  • Joplin: Pine Apple Rag
  • Pollack: That's-A-Plenty
  • Finder: Break 'N Sax
  • Barroll: Kitten Scamper

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