Zaimont: Prestidigitations

Zaimont: Prestidigitations

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This recording of concert rags by Judith Lang Zaimont is a wonderful addition to your collection. "Lyricism, variety - delightful contemporary music. Zaimont brings ragtime solidly forward to the 21st century, yet honors its century-old origins. She gets us to view ragtime as music." (CD review) Some of the works are for instrumental solo, while others are arranged for ragtime ensemble (flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, and drums). Steve Schwartz reviews the CD for and says, "This may well end up as one of my best discs of the year." Included on the CD:
  • Bubble-Up Rag (Immanuel Davis, flute, and Nanette Solomon, piano)
  • Reflective Rag (Judith Zaimont, piano)
  • Reflective Rag (American Ragtime Ensemble/David Reffkin)
  • Judy's Rag (Judith Zaimont, piano)
  • Lazy Beguine (American Ragtime Ensemble/David Reffkin)
  • Hesitation Rag (Joanne Polk, piano)
  • Snazzy Sonata(Doris Kosloff & Judith Zaimont, piano)
  • Reflective Rag (Elizabeth Owens, flute & Judith Zaimont, piano)
  • Serenade(Judith Zaimont, piano)