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Jeanne Oboe Gouging Machine Kit

Jeanne Oboe Gouging Machine Kit

Code: JT101

PRICE: $995.00


Product Description

This gouging machine kit requires complete assembly. A step-by-step manual with detailed, full color pictures is included, allowing one to overcome the fear of adjusting the machine. Through this experience, the oboist can learn to control the one aspect of reed making that probably has the greatest influence, taking his or her reed making to a new, higher level.

NOTE: This product is not returnable once any step in the assembly has been started.


Some extra tools and items will be needed that are not included in the Gouging Machine Kit. These tools are not specifically for a gouging machine and may be available in your household tools. Click here for a list of these required items (those available from Jeanne, Inc. are listed in "Related products"): Extra tools

Although a bound, step-by-step assembly manual is included in the kit, a complete PDF copy may also be downloaded here. (9.85 MB)

Download entire Gouging Maching Kit Manual

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