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Stephenson: Three Blind Mice for 2 Oboes and English Horn

Stephenson: Three Blind Mice for 2 Oboes and English Horn

Code: JP1107
Grade: 8
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.
ISMN: 979-0-3019-0638-5

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Product Description

The trio is for 2 oboes and English horn and has 8 movements. It is a musical satire using the famous children's tune. The movements are:

  1. “Waltzing With a Sore Paw” (1' 45") Interrupting the repeated rhythm we associate with a typical waltz might just accommodate an exuberant four-legged creature with an injured paw.
  2. “They All Ran After…..” (2' 16") Hidden in all these movements is the descending pattern of “La-Sol-Fa” or “Three Blind Mice”. The performers are challenged to play in 5,6,7 and more.
  3. “Crazy Mice-Go-Round” (2' 06") This strident and insane “round” encompasses the extreme range of the oboes and English horn while being faithful to the canon’s original rhythm. The melody, however, is anything but faithful.
  4. “Spanish Mice” (1' 05") This short movement outlines the La-Sol-Fa sequence and throws in a taste of Spain.
  5. “Mice Determination” (1' 37") Great energy and an exacting courage runs through this movement and the mice themselves.
  6. “Church Mice” (2' 35") This is the story of a musician just trying to do some careful practicing on an old organ in an old church.
  7. “The Successful Raid” (4' 25) Marching and on a mission, these three mice go bravely in search of their next meal.
  8. “Finale” (7' 04") Beginning with echoes of Beethoven’s Trio for 2 Oboes and English horn, the three competitive musicians begin a game of, “Anything you can do, I can do better!”
Total duration aproximately 21 minutes. The set includes a full score plus parts.

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