Stephenson: Dance Etudes for Bassoon

Stephenson: Dance Etudes for Bassoon

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Grade: 7-8
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The composer writes, "The project of composing a large collection of dance etudes was inspired by a history and environment surrounded by the Arts. As a musician, I have had the desire to understand dance movement as it relates to musical tempo, meter, inflection, style, etc. The origins of these dances go hand in hand with the musical accompaniments that historically link these two art forms. There is no dance without the music."

72 dance etudes have been composed ranging in style from the Chaconne and the Allemande to the Lindy Hop and the Hula Dance. The complete Table of Contents is listed as a PDF sample below. Each etude is 1-2 pages long and contains a variety of technical and interpretive demands. A wide range of both major and minor key signatures are used. These etudes are a unique and important musical study.

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