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Canfield: Concerto after Khachaturian (saxophone or clarinet and orchestra)

Canfield: Concerto after Khachaturian (saxophone or clarinet and orchestra)

Code: JP6041
Grade: 8
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.

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Product Description

Concerto after Khachaturian for Alto/Soprano Saxophone (one player) or Clarinet and Orchestra by David DeBoor Canfield. This item (JP6041) listed on this web page is the complete orchestra set with score and instrumental parts. String stands included are 6-6-5-4-3. The solo part may be either saxophone or clarinet. Both solo parts are included. The piano reduction for either clarinet or saxophone solo is also available. See the links for JP2155 or JP4090 listed in "Related products"

This concerto was, at the suggestion of Armenian saxophonist Hayrapet Arakelyan, commissioned by the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the independence of Armenia. Over the course of many centuries, the country has been invaded and oppressed by various people groups, and consequently, Canfield has attempted to capture something of the history of the country in the present work, which is cast in the traditional three movements subtitled “The Birth of Armenia,” “Faith and Trials,” and the finale, “Celebration.”

Styllistically, the Concerto pays hommage to its namesake, using figuration, melodies, harmonic sequences and other things to suggest his style. There are places, notably in the second movement, where Canfield has sought more to portray events in the history of Armenia than to model the music after any one composer. As in other of his “After” Concertos, he has also allowed his own compositional voice to emerge in certain places, while seeking to produce a work that is organically unified as a piece of music. Concerto after Khachaturian was premiered by Hayrapet Arakelyan and the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia conducted by Sergey Smbatyan in Yerevan on October 6, 2016.

Total approximate duration 20 minutes.

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