Jeanne Oboe Swab: Right Hand Joint

Jeanne Oboe Swab: Right Hand Joint

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Product Description

Instrument swabs from Jeanne are made of 100% China silk for greater absorbency without worry of any roughness to the bore. The swabs have a unique shape for each particular joint. The right hand joint oboe swab cannot be safely pulled through the entire instrument. This swab is specifically designed to clean the right hand oboe joint only. Smaller swabs will not thoroughly clean this joint and may lead to a build-up of plaque. The material is hand-washable and the edges are hemmed to prevent fraying. Swabs are available in five colors: black, royal blue, royal purple, red, and turquoise. (Colors in the picture may not be exact, depending on how your screen colors are set.)

Jeanne Swab Colors

Since our swabs are not sold through other stores or distributors and we sell directly to the consumer, we are able to keep our price low while maintaining high quality.