Nourse/Helton: Frederick L. Hemke - In His Own Words

Nourse/Helton: Frederick L. Hemke - In His Own Words

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ISBN: 978-0-578-64800-2

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"Frederick L. Hemke: In His Own Words" contains stories told by Fred and Nita Hemke over the course of several months to Susan B. Nourse, and edited by Jonathan Helton. The conversations ranged from Fred's early studies as a saxophonist both here and in Paris, his connection with the Selmer company, the network of colleagues he developed, the music written for and by him, and his pedagogical views and practices. This volume provides the opportunity for saxophonists, and others, to get to know Fred and how it all started.

This book is part of the North American Saxophone Alliance Biographical Series. These books honor those persons who have elevated the status of the saxophone and serve as models for those who follow them. The soft cover book is 187 pages in length.

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