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Stephenson: Rhythm, Time & Meter for Oboe, Clarinet or Saxophone

Stephenson: Rhythm, Time & Meter for Oboe, Clarinet or Saxophone

Code: JP7054
Grade: 7-8
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.
ISMN: 979-0-3019-0068-0

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Product Description

This book contains 50 etudes, designed to make the performer think about the close relationship between music and mathmatics. Stephenson states: "Whether we’re talking about 12 - tone music, 7th chords or the way that Brahms could divide six beats, math is as important to music as sound."

The etudes contain challenging rhythms and odd number meters. Every key signature up five sharps and six flats is utilized. The necessity to subdivide beats, as well as the constantly changing meters, requires a high level of concentration, making these studies valuable for all advanced players.

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