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Canfield: Paradosis for Soprano & Alto Saxophones and Piano

Canfield: Paradosis for Soprano & Alto Saxophones and Piano

Code: JP4025
Grade: 8
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.
ISMN: 979-0-3019-0027-7

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The title derives from an ancient Greek word meaning "handing over" or "passing down." The present work is composed to represent this passing down of the art of music-making. After an opening flourish by the "teacher" (the alto saxophone), the "student" (the soprano saxophone) begins with a very simple line that could be played by a beginner on the instrument. This "pupil" is a very quick learner, however, and advances rapidly to the point where he can imitate the phrases, increasingly more complex and difficult, that the teacher plays. Not very far into the piece, pupil is matching teacher, playing along with him, phrase by phrase. At the end of the piece, the pupil takes over the role of the teacher, and the alto saxophone becomes the pupil, playing the same simple phrase that the soprano saxophone played at the opening of the work, suggesting the passing down of the art of saxophone playing to yet another generation. The musical style of Paradosis is in a free tonality, but with suggestions of an ancient culture through the use of modal scales and open fifths. Composed in 2010 for and recorded by Stephen Page and Kenneth Tse. Duration approximately 9 minutes.

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