Kochnitzky: Sax & His Saxophone (fifth edition)

Kochnitzky: Sax & His Saxophone (fifth edition)

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ISBN: 978-0-9841917-4-1

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Leon Kochnitzky’s biography of Adolphe Sax first appeared in 1949. It was the first serious study of this famous inventor of the saxophone and gave an interesting account of the first years of the popular instrument. The booklet was distributed by the Belgian Government Information Center (now the Belgian Consulate General). In later years, following an unprecedented interest in the saxophone and its history, many found that this booklet was “out-of-print.” This disappointment was shared by many saxophone enthusiasts at the first two meetings (1970 and 1971) of the World Saxophone Congress in Chicago. The Belgian Consulate General consented to the Congress’s request to reprint the entire work. Sigurd Rascher enthusiastically accepted the invitation to edit and update the reprinting of the third edition in 1972. The fourth edition in 1985 was further revised by Mr. Rascher to include some of the latest research of that time. The fifth edition is presented here with new formatting and minor corrections of spelling and grammar. The pictures have been edited with today’s new technology to give a cleaner representation. 51 pages in this book.