The Saxophone Symposium, vol 33 (2009)

The Saxophone Symposium, vol 33 (2009)

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The Saxophone Symposium, vol 33 (2009) includes the following featured articles:
  • Noah Getz: A Brief History of Henry Brant's Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra
  • Daniel Gordon: Jaques Ibert's Concertino da Camera: Origins, Early Reception History, and Current Performance Considerations
  • Eric Nestler: Jindrich Feld's Quatuor pour Saxophones: An Analytical Guide to its Structure and Meaning
  • Peter Sommer: The Avant-Garde Sonny Rollins: An analysis of his Improvisations and recordings from before and after his "retirement" to the Williamsburg Bridge
  • Theodore McDowell: Adolphe Sax's Saxophone alto en Fa: Serial Number 10533
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The Saxophone Symposium vol 33