Rousseau: Steps to Excellence DVD

Rousseau: Steps to Excellence DVD

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Product Description

A rare look into the attitude, history and views of a recognized master teacher are presented. Eugene Rousseau reveals both the long term and short term objectives that teachers and students must understand to move forward together. Dr. Rousseau provides, through examples, a continuous pursuit of excellence in areas of life and a glimpse into how this commitment translates into the expression of art. He discusses the fundamentals of saxophone playing: Basic Hand Positions; Sitting and Standing Positions; Reed, Mouthpiece and Ligature; Articulation & Tonguing; Tone Production; and the Sound of the Saxophone Quartet.

Rousseau: Steps to Excellence DVD may also be purchased in 2 different combination packages.

1) The DVD can be combined with Rouseau's book, "Saxophone Artistry in Performance and Pedagogy." See CP1001 listed below.

2) Or this DVD can be purchased along with Rousseau: Living Legends DVD as a 2-DVD package. See item CP1002 listed in "Related products"

Save $5.00 for either combination package over the individual prices.

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