The Saxophone Symposium, vol 26 (2001)

The Saxophone Symposium, vol 26 (2001)

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The Saxophone Symposium, vol 26 (2001) includes the following featured articles:
  • Thomas Liley: Sigurd Rascher: His Life and Legacy
  • James Noyes: Lefebre's Last Band: From Gilmore to Sousa (1892-4)
  • Stacy Maugans: The History of Saxophone in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Paul Greene: Kadri Gopalnath: Saxophone Chakravathy ("Emperor of the Saxophone") in the Concert Tradition of Indian Classical Music
  • Andy Wen: The Music of Ryo Noda, Part III: Pulse 72 and Conclusions
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The Saxophone Symposium vol 26