Huydts: Lamb Chase for Two Flutes

Huydts: Lamb Chase for Two Flutes

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Grade: 8
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.
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Product Description

"Lamb Chase for Two Flutes" was written in late 2007 for flutists Claire Chase and Eric Lamb. They had requested an encore-type piece in which great virtuosity and fun were to co-exist. The piece evolves from a simple beginning to a biting climax. I imagine two house cats struck by cabin fever. Having nothing else to chase except each other, they start to run and frolic. Initially all seems to be playful. Inevitably things get out of hand, and the time for screaming and hissing arrives whereby fat, fluffy tails have to be shown, complete with raised coats & sharpened claws. As intense and threatening as this moment may appear, before we know it, the two are peacefully lying together again, licking and grooming as if nothing serious ever happened. After all, kibble should be served pretty soon.

A score is provided for rehearsals with both players reading the same part. Individual parts are also included in the set for use in performances. Duration 4 minutes.

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