Klose (Anderson): Characteristic Studies

Klose (Anderson): Characteristic Studies

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Hyacinthe Klose (1808-1880) was a French clarinet player, professor at the Paris Conservatory, and composer. Klose studied clarinet with Frederic Berr at the Paris Conservatory and, beginning in 1836, played second clarinet to Berr at the Theatre Italien. Following Berr’s death in 1838, Klose continued as second clarinet to Iwan Muller. When Muller left in 1841, Klose became solo clarinet and retained that position until his retirement.

Klose taught at the Paris Conservatory from 1838-1868. In addition, Klose worked with Buffet-Crampon during the years 1839-1843 to make design improvements to the clarinet using the principles established by Theobald Boehm for the flute. This resulted in what is known today as the Boehm system clarinet.

Klose’s “Characteristic Studies” contain 20 technical etudes and are a basic staple in the study of clarinet.

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