Telemann/Anderson: Six Canonic Sonatas, op. 5 (treble clef)

Telemann/Anderson: Six Canonic Sonatas, op. 5 (treble clef)

Code: JP5054
Grade: 6-7
Publisher: Jeanne Inc.

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6 sonatas in strict canon for any 2 like treble clef instruments; players both read the same line (staggered entrance); each sonata has three short movements; wonderful music and fun to play. This new edition, edited by Valarie Anderson, includes notes on the interpretation of trills, grace notes, and articulation.

Two bass clef versions are also available as a separate purchase. Version B (JP5107) of these bass clef editions maintains the same keys as in the original treble clef edition to allow performances with one treble and one bass clef instrument (both treble and bass clef editions must be purchased). Note that if B-flat clarinet is used with a C instrument, the clarinet part must be transposed.

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