Griebling-Haigh: Sinfonia for Oboe Choir (parts/score)

Griebling-Haigh: Sinfonia for Oboe Choir (parts/score)

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Sinfonia was composed for the John Mack Memorial Concert and was premiered by an ensemble of 52 former students of Mr. Mack. The composition presented the challenge of being scored for a large, in fact, unknown number of oboists and English hornists. Because the notion of such an ensemble would normally elicit laughs, the composer felt she had to be very careful to avoid any semblance of silliness on this thoughtful occasion. Therefore the piece was written in such a way that only occasionally do all players play at once. The piece begins with a very recognizable, noble, baroque-era-inspired chorale played by all. This chorale alternates with longer, more complex melodic sections, each of which is scored for a different solo grouping of 4 oboes and one English horn, thus allowing more expressivity and agility than would be possible with greater numbers of players.

Regarding the Sinfonia setup: There are 8 different solo sections. These are the sections the composer established for the premiere, but they can be shared in any way any oboe ensemble sees fit. For the John Mack Memorial Concert there were enough players that each solo group had one of those eight sections. A smaller group may decide, for example, to allow five soloists to play groups 1, 2, & 3, and another group to play 4 & 5, etc. It would all depend on the numbers and abilities of players.

The absolute minimum number of players is 7:
(1) oboe I, (2) oboe II, (3) oboe III, (4) oboe IV, (5) Eng. Horn, (6) oboe 1 for the obbligato player, and (7) oboe 2 for the other obbligato player. Of course, a larger number will make the piece sound fuller and is preferable.

This set includes a full score and 2 copies of each part. Extra parts are available @ $2.50/each. Contact Jeanne, Inc. to order specific extra parts.

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Audio sample from Griebling-Haigh: "Sinfonia" for Choirs of Oboes and English Horns