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Code Name Price
JP4061 Bach-Schumann-Camwell: Allegro Assai, BWV 1005 (Soprano Saxophone/Piano) $7.25
JP4074 Bach-Schumann-Camwell: Prelude from Partita BWV 1006 arr. for Soprano Saxophone/Piano $11.25
SSSP-B1040 Bedard: Fantaisie $13.95
SSAP-B1310 Bull/Caravan: Saeterjentens Sondag $5.70
JP4090 Canfield: Concerto after Khatchaturian (saxophone/piano) $40.00
JP4054 Canfield: Concerto after Tchaikovsky for Soprano Saxophone or Clarinet and Piano $40.00
JP4043 Canfield: Ragtime Sonata after Joplin for Soprano Saxophone and Piano $25.00
JP4020 Canfield: Sonata for Soprano Saxophone & Piano $25.00
SSTP-C1051 Collection (Denley, ed.): Time Pieces for B-flat Saxophone, vol. 1 $6.25
JP4073 Dukas (Anderson): Alla Gitana for soprano saxophone and piano $5.75
JP4098 Faure (Page): Fantasie, op. 79 adapted for soprano saxophone and piano $13.25
SSSP-F1030 Francaix: L'Horloge de Flore (Flower Clock) for soprano saxophone and piano $15.20
JP4033 Guidobaldi: Sonatine for Soprano Saxophone & Piano $11.75
JP4010 Guilhaud (Anderson): First Concertino (Soprano or Tenor Saxophone/Piano) $7.25
SSAP-I1030 Iturralde: Suite Hellenique $16.45
SSSP-K1010 Koechlin: Sonatine No. 2, op. 194/2 (soprano saxophone and piano) $37.75
JP4112 Marcello (Camwell): Concerto for Soprano or Alto Saxophone and Piano $25.00
JP4109 Marcello (Camwell): Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Piano $15.50
JP4003 Marcello (Rousseau): Concerto in D Minor for Soprano Saxophone and Piano $12.95
JP4028 Mussorgsky (Canfield): Pictures at an Exhibition for saxophones (1 player) and piano $35.00