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Code Name Price
SSAP-D1010 Dahl: Concerto $18.35
SSAP-D1071 Debussy (Rousseau): Rapsodie $15.95
SSAP-D1070 Debussy: Rhapsodie (Durand) $15.30
SSAP-D1450 Decruck: Sonata in C-sharp $23.75
SSAP-D1440 Demersseman/Hemke: Introduction & Variations on Le Carnival de Venise $11.95
SSAP-D1110 Denisov: Sonate $51.45
SSAP-D1030 Desenclos/Mule: Prelude, Cadence et Finale $29.75
SSAP-D1080 Diamond: Sonata $9.60
SSAP-D1200 Dressel: Partita for Alto Saxophone & Piano $20.95
SSAP-D1400 Dressel: Sonate, op. 26 $15.90
SSAP-D1020 Dubois: Concerto $31.50
SSAP-D1160 Dubois: Concerto No. 2 for Alto Saxophone $34.00
SSAP-D1170 Dubois: Divertissement $19.55
SSAP-D1180 Dubois: Dix Figures a Danser $17.15
SSAP-D1210 Dubois: Sonata (alto sax/piano) $24.75
JP4070 Dukas (Anderson): Alla Gitana for alto saxophone and piano $5.75