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Our web site has several new design features for easier navigation to help you with your shopping. For those using a phone or table, there is a completely new layout specifically for these devices. When additional new features are added, a notice will be posted here. Check back to learn about these features.

A completely new feature in our web site is the "Wish List." You can add any product from Jeanne to the list for your own reference in the future or to provide suggestions for friends and family who may be looking for gift ideas for you. These items are not reserved for you, or is there any obligation for a future purchase, but if you find a product that you do not want to purchase immediately, here is a place to mark it for later reference.

Jeanne Rewards Points are still automatically added to any registered customer. These, along with sale coupons, when available, and the Jeanne Gift Certificate are all easy to use in our web site.