Instrument swabs from Jeanne are made of 100% China silk for greater absorbency without worry of any roughness to the bore. The swabs have a unique shape for each particular instrument. The material is hand-washable and the edges are hemmed to prevent fraying. Swabs are available in five colors: black, royal blue, royal purple, red, and turquoise.

Code Name Price
MR07-OL Jeanne Oboe Swab: Left Hand Joint $6.95
MR07-OR Jeanne Oboe Swab: Right Hand Joint $7.95
MR07-EL Jeanne English Horn Swab: Left Hand Joint $7.50
MR07-ER Jeanne English Horn Swab: Right Hand Joint $8.95
MR07-CL Jeanne Clarinet Swab $8.95
MR07-CE Jeanne E-flat Clarinet Swab $7.95
MR07-CB Jeanne Bass Clarinet Swab $11.75
MR07-BB Jeanne Bassoon Swab: Boot Joint $11.75
MR07-BW Jeanne Bassoon Swab: Wing Joint $8.50
MR07-BL Jeanne Bassoon Swab: Bocal $4.50