Since its beginning in 1990, the major focus of Jeanne Inc. has been the development and precision manufacturing of the highest quality of reed tools and accessories. Today our oboe gouging machines and shaper tips are used by professionals and students worldwide. Jeanne reed tools were designed by Valarie Anderson in precisely the way a professional musician would go about designing these tools: laboriously and systematically building countless prototypes and then playing on reeds made from those prototypes to determine how small changes affect reed performance.

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Oboe and English Horn
   Oboe Shaper Tips and Handles
   Oboe Gouging Equipment

   Bassoon Shaper Tip and Handles

Clarinet and Saxophone
   Clarinet/Saxophone ReedGauge

Reed Tools
   Reed Making/Adjusting Supplies

Reed Making/Adjusting Books
   Anderson: Gouge, Shape & Scrape
   McGee: ReedWorks: A Guide to Single Reed Adjustment