Recordings featuring a variety of woodwinds in both solo and chamber settings.
Code Name Price
CD2254 Valarie Anderson: Reflections - Works for Oboe $12.00
CD2265 Brazilian Triptych: Konkol plays Ripper $12.00
CD2281 Kenneth Tse/Frank De Vuyst: Segaria (saxophone) $12.00
CD2282 University of Iowa Saxophone Ensemble: Contemplation $12.00
CD2291 Patrick Jones: La Souplesse (Saxophone/Piano) $12.00
CD2292 Zimmerman: Expressions $12.00
CD2293 The Illinois Saxophone Quintet $12.00
CD2470 Eberle-Schmidt-Sherman: Spectral Trio (flute-oboe-piano) $15.00
CD3001 Immanuel Davis: Prevailing Winds (Flute) $15.00
CD3002 Zaimont: Prestidigitations $15.00
CD4003 Written for Kenneth: Saxophone Music of David DeBoor Canfield $12.00
CD4004 David DeBoor Canfield: Chamber Music, vol. 4 $12.00
CD4005 Canfield: Three 'After' Concertos $12.00
CD4006 Canfield: Saxophone Music, Vol. II $12.00
CD5003 Tabuteau, Marcel: Orchestral Excerpts (oboe) $16.00
CD5005 David McGill: Orchestra Excerpts for Bassoon $13.50
CD5006 Christopher Millard: Orchestra Excerpts for Bassoon, vol. 2 $13.50
CD6002 Christopher Millard: Duos (bassoon) $13.50
CD6050 Susan Nigro: The Big Bassoon $16.95
CD6051 Susan Nigro: The 2 Contras $16.95
CD6070 Matthew Karr: A Bassoonist's Voice $14.40
CD7010 Verdehr Trio: The Making of a Medium - Vol. 10 $13.50
CD7012 Verdehr Trio: The Making of a Medium - Vol.  2 $13.50
CD7013 Verdehr Trio: The Making of a Medium - Vol.  3 $13.50
CD7015 Verdehr Trio: The Making of a Medium - Vol.  5 $13.50
CD7080 Im-Soo Lee (clarinet) $13.50
CD7160 Michele Zukovsky: Intermezzo (clarinet) $13.50
CD7300 University of Florida: Wind in the Reeds (clarinet choir) $15.00
CD8011 Heiden: Kammermusik $12.00
CD8020 Joseph Wytko Saxophone Quartet: Waterworks & Firemusic $12.00
CD8021 Joseph Wytko Saxophone Quartet: En Tangoment $12.00
CD8022 Joseph Wytko: Passions Large & Small (saxophone) $12.00
CD8023 Joseph Wytko: Recital Music for Saxophone $12.00
CD8040 Roberts: The Trio Collection $12.00
NASA2001 The Saxophone Craze $15.00