Code Name Price
NASA1001 Kochnitzky: Sax & His Saxophone (fifth edition) $16.00
NASA1004 Liley: A Brief History of the World Saxophone Congress 1969-2000 $10.00
NASA1003 Liley: Eugene Rousseau, With Casual Brilliance $25.00
TBS-003 Londeix: Hello! Mr. Sax $52.00
TBS-008 Rousseau: Marcel Mule - His Life & the Saxophone (2nd edition) $22.50
TBS-009 Rousseau: Saxophone Artistry in Performance and Pedagogy $25.00
NASA1002 Teal, Mary: Larry Teal - There Will Never Be Another You $20.00
NASA1005 Nourse/Helton: Frederick L. Hemke - In His Own Words $25.00