All of the mixed six or more winds titles are displayed, sorted by composer in alphabetical order; click a specific genre from the dropdown list to limit the display to that ensemble only.

Code Name Price
SX8-A1010 Arnold: Overture for Wind Octet $19.75
SX10-B1020 Beethoven/Reynolds: Kreutzer Sonata, op. 47 (parts/score) $63.00
SX8-B1010 Beethoven: Octet, op. 103 (parts) (Breitkopf) $23.10
SX8-B1011P Beethoven: Octet, op. 103 (parts) (Masters) $18.00
SX8-B1021 Beethoven: Rondino (WoO 25) parts/score (Masters) $10.20
SX6-B1011 Beethoven: Sextet, op. 71 and March WoO 29 [2 Cl,2 Bsn,2 Hrn] $20.95
SX6-B1010 Beethoven: Sextet, op. 71 [2 Cl,2 Bsn,2 Hrn] $13.55
SX6-D1010 Dubois: Sinfonia da Camera $74.55
SX10-E1010S Enesco: Dixtuor, op. 14 (score) $30.00
SX6-F1010P Francaix: Sixtuor (parts) $25.15
SX6-F1010S Francaix: Sixtuor (score) $16.75
SX9-G1010P Gounod: Petite Symphonie (parts) $34.50
SX8-H1020P Haydn: Octet in F Major (parts) $13.20
SX7-H1010S Hindemith: Septet (score) $10.75
SX8-J1010 Jacob: Divertimento in E-flat $12.85
SX6-J1010 Janacek: Mladi [Fl(picc),Ob,Cl,BC,Bsn,Hrn] $27.00
SX8-K1050 Kallman: Sea Creatures $33.00
SX10-K1010P Krommer (Blomhert/Smit): Partita in B-flat, op. 45/1 (parts) $43.65
SX10-K1010S Krommer (Blomhert/Smit): Partita in B-flat, op. 45/1 (score) $17.45
SX10-K1030P Krommer (Blomhert/Smit): Partita in B-flat, op. 45/3 (parts) $40.80