All of the mixed five winds titles are displayed, sorted by composer in alphabetical order; select a letter to display music only by composers whose last name starts with that letter group. Editions that contain multiple composers will be listed under "C" (Collection). The majority of music in this section is for woodwind quintet. The instrumentation of non-woodwind quintets is marked.

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Code Name Price
JP5092 Canfield: Woodwind Quintet $40.00
JP5050 Griebling-Haigh: Casse-tete [woodwind quintet] $26.50
JP5052 Klughardt: Quintet, op. 79 (parts) $17.95
JP5111 Klughardt: Quintet, op. 79 (score) $13.75
JP5090 Liszt (Huydts): 5 Late Works, arr. for woodwind quintet $29.75
JP5020 Stevens: Ars Nova Suite $25.00
JP5038 Stevens: Quintet, op. 10 $19.00
JP5021 Tchaikovsky/Stevens: The Nutcracker Suite arr. for woodwind quintet $37.00
JP5034 Zaimont: Wind Quintet No. 2 'Homeland' (parts) $47.00
JP5108 Zaimont: Wind Quintet No. 2 'Homeland' (score) $20.00