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Code Name Price
SX4-A1010 Arrieu: Suite en quatre $15.85
SX4-B1030 Bach, J.S.: Quartetto No. 1 $9.25
SX4-B1040 Bach, J.S.: Quartetto No. 2 $11.35
SX4-B1050 Bach, J.S.: Quartetto No. 3 $10.15
SX4-B1060 Bach, J.S.: Quartetto No. 4 $6.55
SX4-B1070 Bach, J.S.: Quartetto No. 5 $7.75
SX4-C1020P Castillo: Contrastes (fl,ob,cl,bsn) (parts) $13.15
SX4-D1010 DeLorenzo: Quattro Virtuosi I (Divertimento Fantastico) $7.75
SX4-D1030 Dubois: Les Trois Mousquetaires $43.15
SX4-E1010 Eler: Quartet, op. 11/1 in F Major $14.35
SX4-E1020 Eler: Quartet, op. 11/2 in d minor $14.35
SX4-E1030 Eler: Quartet, op. 11/3 in F Major $14.35
SX4-E1040 Erbse: Quartet $45.50
SX4-F1010P Francaix: Quartet (fl,ob,cl,bsn) $22.35
SX4-G1010 Gambaro/Balassa: Quartet in D Minor $10.15
SX4-G1020 Gambaro/Balassa: Quartet in F Major $10.15
SX4-G1030 Gambaro/Balassa: Quartet in G Major $10.15
SX4-H1010 Harris: Diversion for Woodwind Quartet $15.00
SX4-J1010 Jones, C.: Lyric for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet & Bassoon $11.35
JP5004 Miller, Scott: Time is Vicious for double reed quartet $20.00