All of the two mixed winds with keyboard titles are displayed, sorted by composer in alphabetical order; click a specific genre from the dropdown list to limit the display to that ensemble only.

Code Name Price
SX3P-A1020 Alexander: Five Fables for Three Instruments [Oboe, Bassoon, Piano] $9.00
JP5106 Alvira: Cancion callada for oboe, bassoon and piano $13.25
JP4042 Alvira: Cancion callada for soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone and piano $13.25
SX3P-A1040 Arnold: Grand Fantasia for flute, clarinet and piano $17.00
SX3P-B1180 Bach, C.P.E. : Trio No. 1 in D Major (fl,cl,pa) $8.85
SX3P-B1190 Bach, C.P.E.: Trio No. 2 in A Minor (fl,cl,pa) $8.25
SX3P-B1020 Bach, W.F.: Pastorale in a minor $8.25
SX3P-B1030 Baksa: Trio in Triptych $23.00
SX3P-B1040 Beethoven: Trio in G, Wo037 $9.90
SX3P-B1041 Beethoven: Trio, Wo037 $14.95
SX3P-B1150 Bottesini: Andante & Variations $11.40
SX3P-B1140 Breval: Symphonie Concertante in F, op. 31 $19.35
JP5011 Brod: Duxieme Fantaisie sur un Theme Austrichien, op. 11 [Oboe, Bassoon, Piano] $19.00
JP5010 Brod: Fantaisie en Trio, op. 5 [Oboe, Bassoon, Piano] $19.00
SX3P-B1230 Bush: Trio for oboe, bassoon, and piano $16.80
JP5134 Canfield: To be determined ... for flute, alto saxophone and piano $31.25
SX3P-D1030 Danzi: Concertante, op. 41 $23.70
JP5039 Davidson: The Center of the Known World [Oboe, Clarinet, Piano] $21.00
JP5006 Destenay: Trio in B Minor for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano $25.00
SX3P-D1050 Diamond: Partita $4.80