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Code Name Price
SX2-A1010 Addison: Five Dialogues for Flute & Clarinet $10.65
SX2-A1020 Andreissen: Aulos (1959) $18.55
SX2-A1050 Arnold:Fantasy for flute and clarinet $4.75
SX2-A1030 Asia: Five Images for Flute & Bassoon $10.50
JP2100 Beethoven: Three Duos for Clarinet and Bassoon, WoO 27 (bass clarinet part) $6.00
JP5057 Beethoven: Three Duos for Clarinet and Bassoon, WoO 27 (Jeanne, Inc.) $16.25
SX2-B1090 Berger, A.: Duo for Oboe & Clarinet $9.60
SX2-B1050 Bozza: Contrastes I for Flute & Bassoon $18.95
SX2-B1070 Bozza: Sonatine for Flute & Bassoon $21.25
SX2-B1100 Brown, N.K.: Four Pieces for Flute & Clarinet $5.35
JP5119 Canfield: Five Mangled Expressions for Alto Saxophone and Horn $21.00
SX2-C1050 Carter: Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux for flute & clarinet $10.50
SX2-C1011 Chedeville: Sechs galante Duos $9.15
SX2-C1030 Collection (Andraud): Duos Concertants, 2nd Series [Fl/Ob,Cl] $7.50
SX2-C1040 Collection (Andraud): Duos Concertants, 3rd Series [Fl/Ob,Cl] $5.95
SX2-C1020 Collection: Duos Concertants, 1st Series [Fl/Ob,Cl] $7.50
SX2-D1060 Donahue: Five Canonic Duets for Flute & Clarinet $5.35
SX2-D1030 Doppelbauer: Duo Sonate (clarinet/bassoon) $11.95
SX2-D1170 Dorff: Old New Borrowed Blue, A Collection of Fun Duets for Flute and Clarinet $7.50
SX2-F1010 Franciax: 7 Impromtus $12.55