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Code Name Price
SSTP-A1010 Anderson: Sonata for Tenor Saxophone $11.35
SSSP-B1010 Bach, J.S./Leonard: Sonata in E-flat Major (Soprano or Tenor Saxophone/Piano) $7.95
SSTP-B1030 Bach, J.S./Rascher: Gavotte and Bourree $2.95
SSSP-B1040 Bedard: Fantaisie $15.95
SSTP-B1020 Boni/Voxman: Largo and Allegro (Tenor sax,pa) $2.35
JP4008 Brancour: Suite for Tenor Saxophone and Piano, op. 99 $7.25
SSAP-B1310 Bull/Caravan: Saeterjentens Sondag $7.50
JP4083 Canfield: Smart Alex for Tenor Saxophone and Piano $17.95
JP4022 Canfield: Sonata for Tenor Saxophone & Piano $25.00
SSTP-C1051 Collection (Denley, ed.): Time Pieces for B-flat Saxophone, vol. 1 $6.25
SSTP-C1061 Collection (Harvey, ed.): Saxophone Solos (tenor saxophone) - vol. 1 $10.75
SSTP-C1062 Collection (Harvey, ed.): Saxophone Solos (tenor saxophone) - vol. 2 $10.75
SSTP-C1020 Collection (Teal, ed.): Solos for the Tenor Saxophone Player $10.15
SSTP-C1012 Collection (Voxman): Concert & Contest Collection - Piano (Tenor Saxophone) $4.15
SSTP-C1011 Collection (Voxman): Concert & Contest Collection - Tenor Saxophone solo part $2.35
SSTP-C1030 Cunningham: Trigon, op. 31 (1969) $23.95
SSTP-D1010 di Pasquale: Sonata $13.55
SSTP-E1010 Erdmann: Akzente $15.30
SSTP-G1020 German/Voxman: Pastorale & Bouree $2.95
SSTP-G1060 Giordani/Rousseau: Larghetto $4.17