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Code Name Price
SOS-A1010P Arnold: Oboe Quartet, op. 61 (parts) [Ob,Vn,Va,Vc] $16.45
SOS-A1010S Arnold: Oboe Quartet, op. 61 (score) $6.15
SOSP-B1010 Bach, J.S.: Concerto in c minor, BWV 1060 [Ob,Vn,Pa] $22.75
SOSP-B1020 Bach, J.S.: Concerto in d minor, BWV 1060 [Ob,Vn,Pa] $12.50
SOSP-B1030 Bach, J.S.: Trio Sonata in B-flat (based on BWV 1015) [ flute or oboe, violin, continuo] $14.10
SOS-B1010 Baksa: Quintet for oboe and strings $52.50
SOS-B1100 Besozzi: Sechs Trios $17.70
JP1090 Bliss: Oboe Quintet (parts) $15.00
JP1091 Bliss: Oboe Quintet (score) $15.00
JP5025 Brandao: Duo for Oboe & Cello $11.00
SOS-B1070P Britten: Phantasy Quartet (parts) [Ob,Vn,Va,Vc] $23.95
SOS-C1020 Corigliano: Aria for Oboe & Strings $18.00
JP1045 Crusell: Divertimento for Oboe & String Quartet (parts only) $13.75
JP1075 Crusell: Divertimento for Oboe & String Quartet (score) $8.75
SOS-D1020 Danican-Philidor: Sonate in d (oboe/guitar) $11.00
SOS-E1010 Eben: Duettini for Soprano Instrument & Harp $9.95
SOSP-F1010 Foote (Kiser/Moore): Sarabande & Rigaudon [Ob(Fl),Va(Vn),Pa] $9.55
SOS-G1010 Giardini: Quartett in D Major, op 25, no. 3 [Ob,Vn,Va,Vc] $15.25
JP1034 Griebling-Haigh: Askelad and the Seven Silver Ducks [Oboe/English Horn and Double Bass] $25.00
SOS-H1150 Handel/Scheit: Sonata in A Minor, op. 1/4 (Fl or Ob/Guitar) $9.05