Code Name Price
SCP-B1390 Bassi/Voxman: Lamento (Bass Clarinet) $2.95
SCP-B1380 Boni/Voxman: Largo & Allegro (Bass Clarinet) $2.95
JP2119 Bourdeau (Anderson): Premiere Solo for Bass Clarinet and Piano $5.75
SCP-B1460 Bozza: Ballade for Bass Clarinet & Piano $6.35
JP2111 Cummings: Arioso for Contra-alto Clarinet and Piano $5.00
JP2105 Draganski: Heart's Desire for Contra-alto Clarinet and Piano $15.00
JP2118 Elgar (Anderson): Romance for Bass Clarinet and Piano, op. 62 $5.95
JP2145 Gliere (Anderson): Deux Morceaux, op. 35 arr. for Bass Clarinet and Piano $8.75
JP2113 Guidobaldi: The Adventures of Pinocchio for bass or soprano clarinet with optional piano accomp. $15.25
JP2042 Huydts: Sonata Breve for Bass Clarinet & Piano $17.75
SCP-J1150 Jolas: Petites musiques de chevet $8.70
JP2034 Kurrasch: A Day at the Park (bass clarinet/piano) $11.75
SCP-R1224 Ritter/Shanley: Long, Long Ago Fantasie (Bass clarinet/piano) $3.55
SCP-C1481 Voxman: Concert & Contest Collection - Bass Clarinet solo part $2.95
SCP-C1482 Voxman: Concert & Contest Collection - Piano (Bass Clarinet) $4.15