Code Name Price
SCO-A1040 Aperghis: Simulacre IV $10.50
SCO-B1030 Baur: Sechs Bagatellen $7.20
SCO-B1051 Berio: Sequenza IXc for bass clarinet $13.75
SCO-C1150 Carl: Towards the Crest $9.60
SCO-C1140 Carter: Steep Steps $5.95
SCO-D1150 Dao: Pli-Ombre $5.95
SCO-D1140 Deutsch: DistanzKomposition $15.25
JP2113 Guidobaldi: The Adventures of Pinocchio for bass or soprano clarinet with optional piano accomp. $15.25
SCO-P1090 Peterson: Homage to Donald Erb $4.15