Code Name Price
SBX-4160 Addison: Four Miniatures $11.55
SBX-4020 Bach, P.D.Q. (Schickele): Lip My Reeds $10.50
SBX-4260 Dorff: Fast Walk (bassoons) $8.95
SBX-4210 Dorff: It Takes Four to Tango [3 bsn,Cbn] $6.55
SBX-4130 Fillmore/Balent: Lassus Bassoon $3.25
JP3002 Foin: Under the Lime $20.00
SBX-4060 Grieg/Pearce: March of the Dwarves [3 bsn,Cbn] $16.15
SBX-4080 Konietzny: Quadriga (1971) $11.00
SBX-4150 McAlister: Baeren $17.55
SBX-4230 Piazzolla/Jackson: Tango Suite $39.60
SBX-4040 Presser: Baroque Suite $7.20
SBX-4220 Schickele: Blue Set No. 2 $21.00
SBX-4050 Schickele: Last Tango in Bayreuth $5.95