Code Name Price
JP3026 Aragon: Little Suite for Big Bassoon $11.75
JP3007 Cummings: Arioso for Contrabassoon and Piano $5.00
JP3004 Doran: Four Movements for Contrabassoon & Piano $13.00
JP3003 Draganski: Heart's Desire for Contrabassoon and Piano $15.00
JP3011 Fine: Harlequin Sonata $10.25
JP3012 Fine: More Greek Myths $11.75
JP3016 Kurrasch: A Day at the Park (contrabassoon/piano) $11.75
JP3008 Kurrasch: Ponderings from the Pond $7.00
JP3010 Levinson: Old Clock for Contrabassoon & Piano $14.50
JP3005 Palider: The Narwhal, op. 11 $11.50
JP3006 Warren: Music for Contrabassoon & Piano, op. 28 $13.00