Code Name Price
SBO-A1050 Acker: Monodie (1967) $6.95
SBO-A1040 Aitken: Montages $4.75
SBO-A1020 Apostel: Sonatina, Op. 19/3 $8.35
SBO-B1060 Bach, C.P.E./Rechtman: Sonata in d minor (from the Flute Sonata) $5.70
SBO-B1071 Bach, JS: Six Suites for Cello, BWV 1007-1012 $11.85
SBO-B1030 Bassett: Metamorphoses $9.75
SBO-B1050 Berio: Sequenza XII $25.75
SBO-C1030 Capanna, Robert: Remembrance for Solo Bassoon $3.00
SBO-C1040 Carter: Retracing for solo bassoon $5.95
SBO-C1020 Causton: Soliloquy for solo bassoon $5.35
SBO-G1010 Genzmer: Sonata for Bassoon Solo $12.90
SBO-H1040 Heider: Ereignisse for Bassoon $6.60
SBO-J1030 Josephs: Mr. Bumble Takes a Wife $5.40
SBO-L1030 Leitermeyer: Monolog $5.35
SBO-P1030 Peci: Broken Dream (Ender e keputur) $7.35
SBO-P1020 Persichetti: Parable (solo bassoon) $4.75
SBO-P1040 Peterson, Geoffrey: Homage to Donald Erb for Solo Bassoon $4.15
SBO-S1030 Schlee: Viennoise $5.25
SBO-S1020 Sheen: Endsong $5.95
JP3001 Ultan: Sonatine for Unaccompanied Bassoon $12.00