Composer Zachary Neece (b. 1954) resides in Gainesville, Florida. He began piano study at a young age and was immediately drawn to composition, which became a lifelong passion. He has a wide variety of solo and chamber works including Sweetwater for Clarinet Quintet, Beautywood for Viola or Clarinet and Piano, Crane Dance for Clarinet and Piano, Joysticks for 2 Clarinets, Lights from a Window in three movements for Violin, Viola and Piano, Canyonlands for Cello and Piano, and Reverie for Trumpet or Oboe and Organ. He also has several popular vocal compositions including How Beautiful Upon the Mountains (Isaiah) for Chorus and Piano, High Above The Earth (a Father's Day piece with lyrics written by Vince Amlin) for Men's Chorus (TTBB) and Dearest Child (a Christmas piece with lyrics written by Larry Reimer) for 2 Flutes, 2 Clarinets, Chorus and Piano. ... more

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JP2114 Neece: Grotto Falls for Clarinet & Piano $6.50